If you're not able or willing to use the iOS or Android app, you can use this browser-based version to calculate carbs, FPUs / extended carbs and the respective absorption time.

It works the same way as the apps (therefore please refer to the detailed description of the Android app, as it widely applies to the browser-based version):

  1. As a first step, create your own food list. This one-time effort is required as everybody favors different food. You also have the possibility to assign up to three typical amounts to each food item, which makes daily use easier.
  2. To calculate FPUs, select at least on food item from your food list and enter the amount you have eaten or will eat or select it from the list of typical amounts.
  3. The application will now calculate carbs, calories, FPUs / e-Carbs and the respective absorption time for the complete meal as well as the single food items.

In order to display the right food list, you need to register / log-in. I can assure you that I won't use your e-mail address for any other purpose than registration (see Legal Notice and Data Protection).

Here's the application:

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