Tapping the large green Plus symbol on top right corner of the main screen opens a dialog to add a new food item.

FoodNew portrait enThe following entries are mandatory:

  • Name: The (unique) name of the food item. 
  • Favorite: Whether or not the food will be displayed in the list of favorite food items. 
  • Calories per 100g: The calories of the food per 100g in kcal. 
  • Carbs per 100g: The carbs per 100g of the food in grams. 

Optionally you can define as many typical amounts as required for each food item, and you can comment each of them. The respective comment will later be displayed in the dialog to define a new meal and allows users to easily select a certain amount. Typical amounts can be used for defined food sizes and ease the use especially for children.

After saving a new food item, it will be displayed in the food list (sorted by alphabet).