FoodSelect portrait enA meal consists of at least one food item. To calculate a meal, start with selecting a food item from the food list on the main screen. A dialog appears to enter the consumed amount.

If typical amounts have been defined while adding the food item, these can now be selected. Alternatively you can enter your own consumed amount. This amount should represent the actually consumed amount.

Alternatively, you may use the green buttons to add the amount shown on the respective button to the actually entered amount.

In addition, you may store the actually entered amount as new typical amount. To do so, tap "Add to typical amounts", enter a comment and confirm by hitting the green Plus button.

Repeat these steps for each food item you want to add to your meal.

As soon as you have selected at least one food item, a summary with the main nutritional values of the total meal will appear on the bottom of the view in red letters. Tapping it opens the detail view, revealing all nutritional values of the total meal and its individual food items. These are:

Meal portrait en

  • The amount in grams
  • The carbs in grams
  • The Fat-Protein-Units (FPUs)
  • The extended carbs in grams - equals to FPUs multiplied by 10
  • The absorption time in hours

Modern Type 1 Diabetes insulin pumps allow entering FPUs or extended carbs (depends on the pump) as delayed bolus over the absorption time. This reduces late blood glucose increase caused by many FPUs (e.g. for Pizza).