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EasyFPU for Android

An Android app - mainly for Type 1 Diabetes patients - to ease the calculation of carbs, fat-protein-units (FPUs) (aka extended carbs, e-carbs or fake carbs) and their matching absorption time.

The absorption scheme defines, which absorption time is proposed for a given amount of FPUs. The pre-defined absorption scheme matches today‘s recommendations from nutrition science and is as follows:

  • 1 FPU (= 10g extended carbs): 3 hours absorption time
  • 2 FPUs (= 20g extended carbs): 4 hours absorption time
  • 3 FPUs (= 30g extended carbs): 5 hours absorption time
  • 4 FPUs (= 40g extended carbs): 6 hours absorption time
  • 6 FPUs (= 60g extended carbs) and more: 8 hours absorption time

The calculation logic is as follows:

Step 1: Calculation of the total calories, e.g. for 72g Chicken McNuggets (249 kcal per 100g): 72g * 249 kcal / 100g = 179 kcal

Step 2: Calculation of the calories caused by carbs (4 kcal per 1g of carbs), e.g. for 72g Chicken McNuggets (17g carbs per 100g): 72g * 17gCarbs / 100g * 4 kcal/gCarbs = 49 kcal

Step 3: Substract the calories caused by carbs from the total calories, e.g.: 179 kcal - 49 kcal = 130 kcal

Step 4: As 100 kcal represent 1 FPU, this results in 1.3 FPUs respectively 13g of extended carbs.

Step 5: The FPUs will be rounded, in our example to 1 FPU, and the absorption time will be looked up, in our example 3 hours.

thumb EditAbsorptionschemeActivity EnEditing the absorption scheme is only recommended for advanced users, who have experience in FPUs / absorption time. The absorption scheme can always be reset to the pre-defined scheme above.