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EasyFPU for iOS

An iOS app - mainly for Type 1 Diabetes patients - to ease the calculation of carbs, fat-protein-units (FPUs) (aka extended carbs, e-carbs or fake carbs) and their matching absorption time - synchronized across all your iOS devices via iCloud (optional).

03 FoodSelect enSelection of Food Items

A meal consists of at least one food item. To calculate a meal, start with selecting a food item from the food list on the main screen. A dialog appears to enter the consumed amount.

If typical amounts have been defined while adding the food item, these can now be selected. Alternatively you can enter your own consumed amount. This amount should represent the actually consumed amount.

Alternatively, you may use the green buttons to add the amount shown on the respective button to the actually entered amount.

In addition, you may store the actually entered amount as new typical amount. To do so, tap "Add to typical amounts", enter a comment and confirm by hitting the green Plus button.

Repeat these steps for each food item you want to add to your meal.

05 MealSummary eCarbs en04 MealSummary Carbs en06 MealSummary Sugars en

The Meal Summary

In case you have selected one or more food items, the three carb types - sugars, regular carbs and extended carbs - will be presented on the bottom of the screen:

  • Red sugar icon: Carbs from sugars are usually the fastest to be absorbed. You can set the parameters in the Settings dialog.

  • Green hare icon: Regular carbs are absorbed slower than sugars. You may as well modify the parameters in the Settings dialog.

  • Blue tortoise icon: Extended carbs, aka. e-Carbs or Fake Carbs, do not stem from carbs, but from fat and proteins. That's why their absorption can take very long and starts late.

You can clear a meal by tapping the red X symbol in the Meal Summary. Clearing a meal means that the amounts of all food items as well as the "Meal starts in x minutes" parameter will be set to zero.

08 MealDetails full en07 MealDetails compact en

The Meal Details

Tapping the info icon in the summary will open the Meal Details view. It displays the details of your meal in a way that you can easily send a screenshot to e.g. your kid. It contains the same information as the Meal Summary, plus - on request - the details about all selected food items.

Here you can set the "Meal starts in x minutes" parameter, which normally is the waiting time between your insulin injection and the start of your meal.

For each of the three carbs type, the same set of information is displayed:

  • How much? - The total amount of carbs of that type
  • When? - The time when these carbs start to impact your blood glucose level
  • How long? - The time interval during which these carbs will be absorbed, impacting your blood glucose level

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