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EasyFPU for iOS

An iOS app - mainly for Type 1 Diabetes patients - to ease the calculation of carbs, fat-protein-units (FPUs) (aka extended carbs, e-carbs or fake carbs) and their matching absorption time - synchronized across all your iOS devices via iCloud (optional).

EasyFPU Video Tutorials

Tutorial No. 1: How to maintain my Products lists and compose a meal

Tutorial No. 2: How to export a meal to Apple Health - especially interesting for Loopers

Tutorial No. 3: How to manage my own recipes - cook and bake with EasyFPU

These issues and requests are known and will be addressed in future versions.

As I'm developing EasyFPU in my spare time, please understand that I won't provide a detailed release planning.

Should you stumble over topics not yet known to me, let me know under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you want to join me developing EasyFPU, you're welcome!