EasyFPU Video Tutorials

Tutorial No. 1: How to maintain my Products lists and compose a meal

Tutorial No. 2: How to export a meal to Apple Health - especially interesting for Loopers

Tutorial No. 3: How to manage my own recipes - cook and bake with EasyFPU

09 HealthExport deBy tapping the Export button (the rectangle with the upward pointing arrow) you can export the calculated carbs as well as the total meal calories to Apple Health.

By toggling the switches, you can select or deselect the data to be exported to Apple Health.

Furthermore, you can set the "Meal starts in x minutes" parameter, which normally is the waiting time between your insulin injection and the start of your meal.

For carbs, a preview of data is generated representing your selection. It shows at which point in time which carbs portions of which type will be exported. Red bars represent sugars, green bars regular carbs, and blue bars e-carbs. Zoom in our out to see more or less details.

You may control the amount of "carbs chunks" via the interval parameters in the Settings dialog.

Important hints for Loopers:

This feature might be useful for T1D patients using the Loop app to steer their insulin pump, as Loop can read the carbs exported from EasyFPU and consider those in the insulin therapy - if you allow Loop to read Apple Health data in the Apple Health settings. Do in this case not enter your meal a second time in Loop, as this will cause double entries and could lead to a low blood glucose.

However, if you export carbs by mistake without actually consuming the exported amount, this may lead to a low or even urgent low blood glucose.

Two safety features try to avoid this:

  • Before starting an export, EasyFPU will check when the last export happened. If this last export happened within the last x minutes, it will issue a warning and you will need to explicitely confirm the export a second time. The time period x can be configured in the Settings view.
  • As third (and final) confirmation before the actual export, you will be asked to authenticate - depending on your iOS settings by FaceID, TouchID or Code.