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EasyFPU for iOS

An iOS app - mainly for Type 1 Diabetes patients - to ease the calculation of carbs, fat-protein-units (FPUs) (aka extended carbs, e-carbs or fake carbs) and their matching absorption time - synchronized across all your iOS devices via iCloud (optional).

EasyFPU Video Tutorials

Tutorial No. 1: How to maintain my Products lists and compose a meal

Tutorial No. 2: How to export a meal to Apple Health - especially interesting for Loopers

Tutorial No. 3: How to manage my own recipes - cook and bake with EasyFPU

As of version 2.0.0, it is possible to manage own recipes in EasyFPU. The following steps demonstrate this using the recipe of a marble cake.

Step 1: Add Ingredients

06 IngredientList deFor composing a recipe, all ingredients need to be entered first. The ingredients can be found on the tab right beside the Products list. It is possible to move a food item from one list to the other using the context menu (longpressing the item).

Adding new ingredients is identical to adding new products: Either manually or using the food database search or scanning a barcode. The only difference is that the ingredient's category is set to "Ingredient", not to "Product".

Step 2: Select the Ingredients of a Recipe

07 ComposedProduct half de07 ComposedProduct min deJust like selecting products for composing a meal, you need to select ingredients for composing a recipe. The difference is that the hovering window, which appears as soon as one ingredient has been selected, will display a summary of the recipe instead of the summary of a meal. You may wipe this hovering window away towards the bottom to have full access to the ingredients list.

If you enter a wrong amount, just type the ingredient a second time, which will remove it from the recipe. Then re-select it with the correct amount.

Step 3: Enter Name, Total Weight and Number of Portions

07 ComposedProduct full deFor the next important step, open the hovering window completely by wiping it up from the bottom. Enter the following data:

  • The name of the recipe, e.g. "Marble Cake"
  • The total weight of the composed product - this is important for the correct calculation of the nutritional values per 100g
  • If you have enabled the generation of typical amounts, enter the number of portions you will cut out of your composed meal

Step 4: Save the Product

07 ComposedProduct confirmweight deTo save the product, just hit the "Save" button. In case the total weight differs from the sum of all ingredients, this needs to be explicitely confirmed.

Step 5: Edit a Recipe

08 Product context enTo edit a recipe, longpress it in the Products list and select "Edit" in the context menu. If you want to keep the original recipe, please duplicate the product before editing it, otherwise the original recipe will be overwritten.