Portfolio ChurchCalJoomla! Churchcal is a Joomla! module that retrieves calendar entries from a ChurchTools calendar, using the ChurchTools API, and displays them in a Joomla! module as a list of sorted calendar entries.

Joomla! Churchcal is not using any iframe and it does not display a classical calendar view, nor does it provide any functionality to edit the ChurchCal calendar. It simply displays a list of calendar entries.

Joomla! ChurchCal

  • retrieves calendar entries from one or more ChurchTools calendars, using the ChurchTools API,
  • and displays them either in ascending or descending order as a list on a webpage, showing
  • the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) - optionally -,
  • the date and the start time, formatted according to the PHP date function,
  • the end time - optionally -,
  • and the description of the calendar entry.

Download the latest stable release as zip from Github (can be directly installed in Joomla!) or as source code (must be unzipped first and transferred manually to the web server) from the release section.

You may also install the work-in-progress source code, however, there is no guarantee that this will work.

Install using the Joomla! installer under the Extensions - Install menu.

Basic Configuration

The following fields are available in the backend of Joomla! ChurchCal:

  • ChurchCal URL: The URL of the ChurchTools Calendar, e.g.: https://my-domain.de/index.php?q=churchcal/ajax. It is important to add /ajax at the end of your URL.
  • Calendar IDs: The category IDs of the calendars to be displayed as comma separated list without any blanks, e.g.: 1,2,4. It is important that these calendars are open for public access, otherwise you couldn't see anything except if you're logged in.
  • From day: The day to start displaying events from, e.g. 0 for current day, 7 for in a week, etc.; default: 0
  • To day: The day to end displaying events, e.g. 14 for in two weeks, etc.; default: 14
  • Max. entries: The maximum number of calendar entries
  • Sorting: The sorting order (ascending or descending); default: ascending
  • Show weekday: Whether or not to display the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.); default: Yes
  • Weekday format: Format of the weekday, either short (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.) or long (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.); default: long
  • Weekday separator: The string separating the weekday from the date/time; default: , (comma followed by a blank)
  • User specific language: If not given, the language of the Joomla! frontend will be used. If given, the respective language files need to be installed (pre-installed: de-DE and en-GB).
  • Date format: The date format according to PHP date function; default: j.n.y (e.g. 9.7.18)
  • Time format: The time format according to PHP date function; default: G:i (e.g. 17:00)
  • Start time separator: The string separating the date from the start time; default: , (comma followed by a blank)
  • Show end time: Whether or not to display the end time; default: No
  • End time separator: The string separating the start time from the end time; default: - (minus without blanks)
  • Description separator: The string separating the date/time from the description; default: : (colon followed by a blank)
  • Line break before description: Adds a line break <br> after date/time resp. before the description; default: No

Advanced Configuration

  • Module class suffix: You can enter the <div> class name here and use Joomla!'s custom.css to format your calendar entry.

This is a unsorted and non-comprehensive list of web pages using Joomla! ChurchCal: