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Eventlist Plugin EingabeThe usage of the EventList-Plugin is simple and straight-forward. As soon as installed and activated, a new tab called "Contact person, location, time" will appear when editing an article, where the input fields can be edited. All fields are optional, i.e. if a field has no value, it won't be displayed in the info box underneath the article.

  • Show in Event List: If yes, the article is included in the Event List (given it has a weekday); default: yes
  • Contact person: The contact person for the recurring event
  • E-Mail: E-mail address of the contact person
  • Phone: Phone number of the contact person
  • Target audience: The group of people targeted at with this event
  • Location: The location of the event
  • Weekday: The weekday of the event
  • Start time: The starting time of the event
  • End time: The end time of the event
  • Comment: Comment on time (e.g. bi-weekly)