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  • A Joomla! package generating and displaying a clear list of weekly recurring events and linking to their detailed description.

    EventList Plugin Features:

    • Select whether or not an article is included in the Event List
    • Additional fields for contact person, e-mail address, phone number, target audience and location (only relevant for display underneath the article)
    • Further fields for weekday, starting time, end time and comment (additionally relevant for displaying the article in the Event List)
    • Different pre-defined time formats: 24h format with or without leading zeros, 12h format with or without leading zeros
    • Alternatively free time format
    • Regex based input check of starting and end time
    • Frontend display as info box underneath the article (see picture), either with or without header / title

    EventList Module Features:

    • Display of all selected articles as clear, compact event list
    • Possibility to include non-published articles in the Event List (e.g. if no article content available, but the event should still be displayed in the Event List)
    • Different pre-defined list styles: German (adds the word „Uhr“ at the end of the entry) or international
    • Alternatively free list format
    • Link to the detailed article (in case the article is published already)
    • Fomatting via own CCS
  • A Joomla! module to retrieve and display ChurchTools calendar events as event view on a website.

    Joomla! ChurchCal

    • retrieves calendar entries from one or more ChurchTools calendars, using the ChurchTools API,
    • and displays them either in ascending or descending order as a list on a webpage, showing
    • the weekday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) - optionally -,
    • the date and the start time, formatted according to the PHP date function,
    • the end time - optionally -,
    • and the description of the calendar entry.


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